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    Partial Embroidery
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    Woven Patches vs. Embroidered Patches vs. Sublimated Patches

    Woven Patches utilize thinner threads that are carefully woven together.

    A woven patch is literally made of thread only which allows us to achieve finer details in both the design and the texture.

    If your design is very realistic and includes items such as landscapes, finer lines, and smaller lettering or details then custom woven patches are probably a good choice for you.

    Woven patches are also ideal if you’d like to create a smaller patch that doesn’t sacrifice on detail.

    Embroidered Patches have threads that are embroidered onto a fabric. 

    Some people enjoy the more traditional threaded appearance of embroidered patches against woven patches which have no raised texture.

    Sublimated Patches are another alternative.  Since sublimation is a digitally printed method of decoration,  it can create photo quality prints which can then be transferred to an emblem.   The most complicated and colorful artwork can be printed with ease.  Again these patches have no texture but they are highly detailed and will last indefinately



    For all orders there will be an additional one off artwork set up charge of $25.00 per design.

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