Below Are A Few Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

You can upload your image/file on our custom patch page on the website or email it directly to us at .  However there will be a charge for converting your artwork into a format that the machines can recognize.

Yes you can, we can use your sketch to create a patch.  Please provide the colour details along with your sketch. However there will be a charge for converting your artwork into a format that the machines can recognize.

No we don’t have a minimum order quantity, we will produce one patch if that is all you need.  For all orders  there is a one off digitizing fee of $25.00.

We can make patches to approximately 40cms x 35cms depending on the shape of the patch.

·       Patches that require new artwork, 1 – 5 days for artwork and first proof/stitch sample. 

Once sample is approved 10 – 15 working days for production where the quantity is less than 30.


For orders over 30 units production times may vary – please ask us for an estimate

For custom made patches – once you receive your quote and have all the details, you can confirm your order via email.  For make your own text patches all orders are made via the website order form.

We will accept most file types.  High quality JPG, PDF & CDR files are preferred.

As all our patches are custom made to your specific requirements, there is no standard size as such.  Our most popular sizes are 8-10cms wide.

Our prices are all based on the size of the patch, the quantity and the coverage of the patch.  We also need to view the design before we can give you an exact price.

If you are able to collect, we accept EFTPOS, credit and debit cards. For out of town orders we accept direct credit. There is a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the value of one custom patch or $50 plus GST, whichever is greater. This is payable before we can proceed with the order. Make Your Own patches must be paid in full prior to production.

They will not look exactly like the artwork you provide, as we aim the replicate as close as we can. The smaller the patch the more detail you will lose.

It is best to keep less than 12 colours in your patch. The maximum is 15.

We only use the best Madeira threads in our embroidery.  Made from the highest quality rayon and washable to 95 degrees Celsius

We will match the colours the best we can to your artwork. We can sometimes match PMS colours. If you know the Madeira thread colours then that is perfect please provide them. 

Otherwise if you are after specific colours you can go to 

Lettering should be no less than 5mm high, otherwise it will most likely be illegible.

Yes you can, but the smaller the patch the more detail you will lose. If you have the time a woven patch is great for detailed patches. However there is a minimum order quantity of 100 and these take at least a month from the time that you approve the artwork.

For all order of 10 units or more we will email you a photo of your first patch for you to approve before we go ahead with the rest. 

Orders of less than 10 units do not get a stitch sample unless it is paid for. 

Generally we wouldn’t recommend that the patches be less than 5-6cm. Otherwise you will compromise the quality of the patch.

Yes, that is fine, please send us through a good clear photograph of the patch.

Plain, Iron on, or Velcro backings are available.

There are instructions on applying your patch on the notes section our facebook page 

Patches are pretty robust, but it is best if you don’t iron them, cut them or bleach them.

Embroidery coverage refers to how much of the patch is covered by embroidery. A partial coverage uses the fabric as the background of the patch and the detail is embroidered. 

The 100% coverage patch will be completely embroidered with no fabric background showing at all.

Here is an example


Madeira have a range of thread with Fire Retardant properties – if this is important to you please let us know and we will work with you to use this sort of thread