New Zealand Flag Patches

New Zealand Flag Patches

Embroidered Flags of New Zealand Flag

A collection of patches of New Zealand Flag  These patches are available in either partial embroidery, full embroidered or woven.

They are also available backings is plain, iron-on and hook.

There are also a choice of colours and sizes.

The Flag of New Zealand, also known as the New Zealand Ensign, is based on the British maritime Blue Ensign – a blue field with the Union Jack in the canton or upper hoist corner – augmented or defaced with four red stars centred within four white stars, representing the Southern Cross constellation

The New Zealand flag is the symbol of the realm, government and people of New Zealand. Its royal blue background is derived from the ensign of the Blue Squadron of the Royal Navy. The stars of the Southern Cross emphasise this country’s location in the South Pacific Ocean.

Prices start as low as $4.00

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